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You decide your own level of tension by choosing the best Foam Roller for the job. Great for targeting specific muscles for self-myofascial release to ease aching muscles, and targeting different trigger point areas including lower and upper back, neck, calves, ITB, quads, hamstrings, delts and chest. Foam Roller is 13" in length and 5" in diameter.

FREE Carrying Case - Included is a Hollow Core Foam Roller and Carrying Case. The foam rollers come with 3 different surface pattern finishes, each designed to create different pressure types on your muscles. The hollow core foam roller has been designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down. 

Lifetime Guarantee - We offer a better than money back guarantee. If there is any issue with your product, we will send you a new one and give you a full refund. See product packaging for more details.

Best Uses - Best used before workouts to increase circulation and to release toxins in the muscles to produce better results. Used post-workout for speed recovery and to improve your recuperation. Ideal for sports therapy, injury prevention and rehabilitation. 


 I highly recommend this roller to anyone who has muscles. It works wonders for my husband. It should work well for anyone. - Lena

 The Foam Roller set by King Athletic is amazing! I have used other foam rollers, and the quality lacked. Not this roller set! ... It gives the perfect stretch without adding pain or discomfort! - Jennifer

 This deserves every star I can give it. It really works very well and feels great. My husband and I both use these before and after we work out. I even use them when I'm not working out-Deanna 

 I love having two separate rollers for different body parts. I love using the hard knobby one for my back, it really helps loosen it up when it gets stiff. And the softer one is nice for my legs which are a bit more sensitive. - Stacey

 I loved this foam roller set! It was everything that it said it would be. I tried all of the rolling positions on the box and felt great afterwards. - Candice

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