Ab-Roller Wheel


While many ab-rollers are cheaply made, bend under pressure, or are dangerously slippery, the King Athletic ab roller features a heavy-duty metal shaft and a dual-traction wheel for best grip.

Whether you are a beginner looking to introduce a great core workout to your fitness routine or have been reaping the benefits of an ab-roller wheel for some time, our wheel is the best way to shred calories, build muscle mass, and exceed your fitness goals.

If you are bored with other kinds of exercises, why not grab an ab wheel and perform some rollouts? These are some the the health benefits you stand to achieve from ab exercises.

  • Involves Several Muscles
  • Tougher Than Crunches
  • Better Balance, More Confidence
  • Bid Farewall to Back Pain

Save time with free, easy-to-use assembly instructions that make assembly and disassembly quick and stress free. Portable, lightweight, and travel friendly, this abdominal roller wheel is great for travel and athletes who are on the go.

Assembled with environmentally safe materials