Thank you for dropping by our ultimate guide for a fitter, stronger, healthier you. We have prepared and written the guide with you in mind, and how to level up your skill, improve your health and promote your well-being. Each ultimate guide was written for a King Athletic product, customized to fit your fitness regimen.

In this ultimate guide, we will concentrate on exercises that incorporate a resistance band. Whether you are already familiar with this tool or are new to resistance band exercise, I am going to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable using our bands by the time you finish reading this guide. Get ready to learn about the benefits, best uses, and what a resistance band can do for you to help you reach your fitness goals.



(10 lbs)

Green resistance bands are medium resistance. These bands are less stretchy and have more tension than yellow bands. Green bands are used for muscle groups that need slightly more tension, such as the biceps or triceps.

15 lbs)
Red resistance bands are medium to heavy resistance. They have a higher level of tension than green or yellow bands and are harder to stretch. Red bands are suitable for muscle groups that are larger, such as the legs, chest and back, or for individuals who have been building muscle strength.

(18 lbs)

Blue resistance bands are heavy resistance. These are much more stiff than red, green or yellow and do not provide as much stretch. Blue bands are for those who are very strong, or for larger muscle groups, such as the legs, chest and back. These are also the bands to use when working out with someone else – when two people pull against a band.

(20 lbs)

Black resistance bands have the most resistance. These are the hardest bands to stretch and pull. Like blue bands, black bands are used for the large muscle groups, such as the legs, or when working with others. Some sets of bands come in all black and the level of resistance is not based on color in these sets.




Know your fitness level

When shopping for a resistance band, you should be very aware of your current fitness level and body strength. It is very important to go by your current strength level and not what you would like to achieve.

For the purposes of diversity in strength, resistance bands come in different varieties and resistances. Buying an ideal resistance will not only improve the effectiveness of your workouts, but also reduce the probability of sustaining injuries during exercise. If you are rehabilitating from a recent injury, we strongly advise that you use light resistance bands. If you are of average fitness level, older, or untrained, consider a medium resistance band.

Heavy bands can be used for untrained individuals who are active. Extra-heavy bands are recommended for active men and women who have built up a level of strength that requires more resistance. Ultra-heavy resistance bands should be used by body builders and exceptionally strong individuals who require a more challenging resistance.



Now that we have discussed the different types of bands it’s time to determine what exercise dosage you should prescribe to yourself. This includes resistance levels and the number of repetitions. Bear in mind that different colors indicate different levels of strength and resistance. In simple terms, go for a resistance band that will enable you to complete 8 to 12 revolutions for every set up to the point of fatigue. This is known as the “multiple repetition maximum” or the number of repetitions you can complete in one set. 




 Why You Should Try Resistance Bands
  • They are highly portable and versatile - You can easily pack resistance bands in your suitcase for travel and they are versatile enough for you to do exercises in your car, hotel room, or even outside.
  • They increase coordination - Resistance bands cause tension all over the body. Therefore, during exercises your body is forced to stabilize which helps to improve coordination. It is also a perfect way to engage several of your muscles at the same time.
  • They add variety to the type of exercises you can do - Lifting weights limits you to a few exercises which can become repetitive and boring. However, the resistance bands give you the opportunity to change your positioning in several ways to keep your routines exciting and challenging.
  • They're inexpensive - Exercise equipment can be expensive, especially when you need a variety of pieces to perform a particular exercise. Resistance bands keep the budget conscious exerciser in mind by offering a wide range of exercise options at an incredibly affordable price. Bands cost anywhere between $6 to $20 depending on how many you buy and where you buy them.
  • They're great for all fitness levels - Depending on how you use them, bands can be great for beginners as well as more advanced exercisers. You can use them for basic moves or add intensity to traditional exercises.





  •  More muscles get activated -  The difference between free weights and elastic resistance is that free weights provide a constant, unchanging resistance to set muscle groups throughout the entire range of motion, while elastic bands provide not only a greater resistance all the way through the movement, but also work more muscle groups with less required momentum.
  • Greater muscle tension -  Naturally elastic resistance produces a greater amount of tension on muscles compared to free weights because, as previously stated, it has the capacity to minimize momentum –causing greater muscle activity throughout the entire movement, which effectively increases the amount of time the muscle is under tension.

Why Strength Training Is Important

  • Adaptable for multiple fitness levelsWhether you are new to exercise or consider yourself a pro, you will always find something interesting to do with your resistance bands. They are available in different resistances for different strength levels, allowing you to exercise at your comfort level.
  • Can be used with familiar exercisesYou do not have to learn complicated routines to use your resistance band. They can be used with many of the training moves you are already familiar with.
  • Whole-body exercisesResistance bands can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout that challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body.
  • They are highly portableResistance bands are one of the most compact excise tools you’ll find on the market today. You can easily take them with you to the office, gym, or on the road while traveling..
  • Adds variety - If you do the same exercises every day, your muscles might get used to this routine and not progress. Resistance bands are a perfect way to change things up and bring something new to your strength exercise.
  • Can be combined with other equipment  Resistance bands are so versatile that you can even use them along with weights, allowing you to get the benefits of two types of exercises at once.
  • Prevent muscle loss - Inactive adults experience a 3 to 8 percent loss of muscle mass per decade. Resistance training may increase resting metabolism by about 7 percent and help minimize muscle loss.
  • Reduces body fat and burns caloriesA regular strength training program helps you reduce body fat and burn calories more efficiently, which can result in healthy weight loss.
  • Preserves muscles regardless of your ageStrength training helps preserve and enhance your muscle mass and bone mass, regardless of your age.