The King Athletic - Product Tester Club

We are expanding our Product Testers membership list! In the Product Tester Club you get access to amazing products at a 100% discount!

That’s right–– you get a completely FREE products! Even shipping is FREE if you have Amazon Prime. -- that’s a truly amazing offer.

All we ask in return is that you send us feedback on the product in a follow-up survey as we are constantly and actively looking to improve our products. 

DO YOU WANT IN ON 100% OFF DEALS? If YES!  Please read through the important RULES (blow) and fill in the quick form at the bottom of the page to take part in the 100% off Product Test initiative.



Since Amazon doesn’t allow 100% discounts, we’ve come up with the solution: total reimbursement of the full cost BEFORE you buy (through PayPal).

You need to have a PayPal Account. If you don’t, you’ll have to open one, or else I’m sorry we won’t be able to offer you this deal.

If you’re worried about the reimbursement process (what happens if I buy the product and I never get my money back???), we’ve got you covered. You’ll receive the money via PayPal before you even make the purchase. We trust you... We pay upfront!

One week after you receive the product, we will be expecting your feedback. We will send you a link to a survey where you can provide your honest opinion.

THE RULES: If you want in on this and future 100% off products, please fill our information form found below and agree to the terms of service.