FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to adjust the length of the Jump Rope?
Tips on how to correct or adjust the length of your jump rope.

Speed Rope, Leather Jump Rope:
a. Place your jump rope on the ground and stand on the midpoint of the rope.
b. Grasp the handles and pull them to your chest while standing on the rope. 
c. The top of the handles should reach about 6 inches below the collar bone near your underarms. (Not as high as the collar bone or as low as the upper abs. If in doubt, make rope a little
longer or shorten as you become more experienced.)
d. To adjust the length, remove the caps located at the bottom of each handle and pull out the rope. Slide the loose ring to the new, desired length and tighten loose ring using pliers. (Cut off excess rope at new ring position.)

Speed Cable:
To adjust the length on the Speed Cable jump rope, use the screw clamp fastener located at the end of the rope and cut off the excess rope at new fastener position.

How to return a damaged product?
If you receive your product and it is damaged, send us an email at info@kingathletic.com

Do you sell parts of the product separately?
No, we do not sell part separately. If there's an instance where you would like to replace a certain part for a new one, send us an email at info@kingathletic.com