How to Inflate the Stability Disc?


  1. Screw the needle into the hand pump tip.
  2. Wet the inflation needle with an oil before inserting it into the disk, this will reduce friction and the likelihood of the needle braking.
  3. Locate the small hole found on the disk. The valve is distinct and noticeable upon close inspection.
  4. Pull the top of the stability disk toward you while inserting the needle.
  5. Carefully insert the needle at a slight angle 45-70 degree into the valve. Go slowly.
  6. Push the needle until it is entirely inside the disk but, be careful not to puncture the other side of the disc.
  7. Start pumping the air into the disc until desired inflation level is reached.


   Correct Method to Inflate   


 Incorrect Method to Inflate



  Inflation Level

  1. Inflate the disk so that it is between 2” - 5” in height, anything over 5” will over inflate the disk.
  2. Be careful not to over-inflate to a point there the sides begin folding. The disk should not be inflated to look like a balloon.
  3. Sit or standing on the disk to make sure you are not touching the ground, if you are touching, add a bit more air. 


Deflating the Disc      

  1. Remove the needle attachment from the pump and place it in the inflation hole of the disc
  2. Squeeze the disc until the desired inflation level is reached