Jump Rope Shortening and Adjustment


To find the ideal length for your jump rope based on your height and hand length, do the following:

1. Let your jump rope hang loose on the ground. Step with one foot on the mid of the jump rope and hold both handles.

2. Now raise your hands to your chest while holding the rope handles to see how high the handles go.

3. When you raise your hands you should reach your underarm height — that’s the ideal rope length.

4. If the rope only reaches up to your abs or above your collarbone, an adjustment is necessary.


If you're using the speed rope or the leather jump rope, please do the following:

1. Remove the handle cap pull out the rope

2. Slide the loose tightening ring to the desired length and tighten the loose ring using pliers.

3. Cut off the unnecessary rope at the new ring position. put the handle cap back on.


If you're using the cable rope , please do the following:

You need to use the screw adjustment system to cut the rope to the right length.