15 Jumping Rope Techniques

The Starting position is standing upright position, head looking forward, knees slightly bent, rope handle in each hand with the jump rope hanging loose behind your heels. Arms are relaxed, at hips height and facing downwards and the swing starts from the wrist and not the arm. The bounce begins once the rope reaches head height. 

1. Basic Bounce Jump - The single bounce jump is easy and effective. To execute, jump off of both your feet at the same time. 

2. Alternate Foot Jump - A variation of the basic bounce jump where you alternate between your feet for each bounce. To execute, lift your knee upwards and not backwards - as if you were jogging in place. 

3. Double Bounce -  Jump once when jump rope is over your head and once again before the jump rope makes a full revolution to perform the double bounce. For every swing, bounce twice. Also known as jog step. 

4. High-Knee Jumps - This is a variation of the alternate foot jump, only you lift each knee much higher. 

5. Side to Side Jump -  Another basic jump to your left about 4-5 inches and for the next bounce, 4-5 inches to the right. Also, called Skier or Slalom jump. 

6. Bell Jump - Jump backwards for one jump then forward for the next without stopping. 

7. Scissors Jump - The bounce starts with the right foot extended forward, while still in mid-air switch legs so that once you land the left foot is extended forward and the right foot backwards. 

8. Straddle Jump - For this technique, you spread both feet to either side, spreading the left foot to the left and the right to the right side for each bounce you take. Effectively, you do jumping jacks only with a jump rope. 

9. Double-Unders - For each bounce, two rope revolutions need to be executed. Start with the basic bounce technique and gradually increase wrist rotation to perform the double under. 

10. High-Knee Jumps -  This is a variation of the alternate foot jump, only you lift each knee much higher. 

11. Backwards Jumping - A single bounce jump, only the revolution starts from front to back. 

12. Butt Kicks - Do the basic single bounce jump but with exaggerated foot motion so that your feet touch your bottom. 

13. Single-Foot Bell - A more complex bell workout. Bounce with one foot bent. The knee should remain soft and never lock in position when bounce is complete. 

14. Straddle Cross Jump - Stand feet shoulder-width apart. Bounce to straddle position, cross legs on return before landing. 

15. Basic Crossover Jump - Bounce off of both your feet. When the jump rope is over your head, cross your arms in a slightly downward motion. The moment the rope passes under your feet, restore your arms to their initial position. 

Imagine forming the  symbol with your hands to execute accurately the form.