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  • Stability Disk
  • Stability Disk
  • Stability Disk
  • Stability Disk

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Use the stability disk as a sitting cushion to strengthen your core and back muscles. Using it long-term relives back pain and shoulder aches. This disk aides in improving posture, balance and sensory modulations in sitting. Stability disk workouts target a number of muscle groups including upper and lower back, abs, core and torso, arms, legs and glutes. 

Size - 13" / 33cm diameter, the ideal size for wiggle or wobble seat cushions for your chair, and big enough for standing on for exercise and fitness. Also a great replacement for ball chair seats. DUAL MASSAGE SURFACE - One side features small bumps,  great for improving grip, and another with soft spikes for a light foot massage. You chose which side you like best! EXERCISE CHARTS INCLUDED - Back of box includes workout charts which outlines best uses for the balance disc.

High-Quality - Can withstand years of use and abuse. Seating disc is made with durable materials so the stability board holds air well and does not easily deflate. ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - No BPAs. The material is healthy, friendly to the environment and easy to clean. SMART PUMP INCLUDED - Comes with smart pump for easy inflation. You decide the inflation level that's right for your balance chair cushion. 

Great for energetic kids - Great for kids with ADHD and fidget issues as it helps them to concentrate better. Some children really can't help moving around and need this kind of stimulation from a wiggle cushion to help them confer their fidgeting, and pay attention.

Guaranteed Investment - We offer a better than money back guarantee. If there is any issue with your product, we will SEND YOU A NEW ONE and give you a FULL REFUND! See product packaging for more details on your LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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