Speed Rope -SOLD OUT

King Athletic

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  • Speed Rope <b> -SOLD OUT </b>
  • Speed Rope <b> -SOLD OUT </b>
  • Speed Rope <b> -SOLD OUT </b>
  • Speed Rope <b> -SOLD OUT </b>
  • Speed Rope <b> -SOLD OUT </b>

This product is currently sold out.

This Speed Rope can assist you in burning up to 1,000 calories an hour! It promotes the greatest amount of weight loss while improving muscle tone in your legs, lower and upper body. Jumping rope is an effective exercise for building cardio endurance, speed training, developing core strength, boxing and CrossFit.

Product Features - Speed Rope is 9'4" in length made with durable nylon assembly built to withstand heavy use. The length is adjustable length for best results. Features comfort foam grip handles molded to minimize hand fatigue, and super-speed ball bearings to ensure smooth and even rotation every time.

Lifetime Guarantee - We offer a better than money back guarantee. If there is any issue with your product, we will send you a new one and give you a full refund. See product packaging for more details.


 I ordered this jump rope for my own training purpose and I just love it. I had to cut off some of the length, easy to do. Love it. Thanks King Athletic for making this. -Denise

 Pretty great jump rope. Way better than any I have ever used. The handles are great and my hands don't start to hurt from gripping them like they have with pretty much every other jump rope. -Jenna

 This is a very good jump rope. Its easy to adjust so it can easily fit your height. Its a very long jump rope it even a very tall person can use this. The handles are custom foam grips. They are molded for comfort and they are designed to minimize hand fatigue.The rope is made of high quality PVC and built to withstand every day use. -Susan

 This jump rope is light weight with soft handles, and easy to adjust. Highly recommend. -D

 This is my first time ever using a speed jump rope. It is very different from a traditional jump rope we all know from elementary school. The speed jump rope is designed for fitness. It is large enough to be used by an adult of 6 feet, or perhaps even taller. (As tested by my fella) It is too large for indoor use. The material is very high quality. As it is a cable one should be very careful with it, and keep it out of reach of young children. It has a length of 10 feet. I think it is a really cool way to incorporate cardio with fun. -TK






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