Workout of the Week: Resistance Band Training with Brandon Epstein of Zen Dude Fitness

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King Athletic + Socialite Sande Workout 10

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5 Ways to Have a Better Workout Today

You probably work out hard, follow your trainer’s advice and ensure you don’t skip classes. But often you feel no improvement comes from all of this hard work. How would you like to have a better workout with just a few simple tweaks? We’re glad you’re interested. 

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight and What You Can Do Instead

You follow a fat-loss diet and make time to go to the gym weekly, yet the scales don’t budge. We’ve all been there. Doing all the right things, making all the sacrifices, sticking to rigorous workouts to get a leaner, fitter body. So what could you possibly be doing wrong?

5 Exercise Myths Debunked

There are a lot of myths going around that can cause great confusion about the athletic community. While there’s always some truth to such myths, in their majority they are deceiving and should be debunked. Let’s begin.