Workout of the Week 13: Ft. Brandon Epstein of

In Round 13, we welcome back Brandon Epstein In preparation for summer, we...

Workout of the Week: Resistance Band Training with Brandon Epstein of Zen Dude Fitness

This week we've got something new for you.  In Round 12, we introduce the second half ZenDud...

4 Easy Exercise Band Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

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Sculpt Your Back, Arms and Torso With Just One Workout

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3 Fitness Routines Celebrities Love: Jumping rope, Band Training, Boxing

Celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Kate Hudson and Adriana Lima have men and women drooling over their divine bodies. Lucky for us, they don’t just reveal their picture-perfect, sculpted bodies, they also give us sneak peeks into their favorite workouts.

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight and What You Can Do Instead

You follow a fat-loss diet and make time to go to the gym weekly, yet the scales don’t budge. We’ve all been there. Doing all the right things, making all the sacrifices, sticking to rigorous workouts to get a leaner, fitter body. So what could you possibly be doing wrong?

4 Ways This $29 Resistance Band Outperforms a $6K Stationary Machine

You don’t need an expensive home fitness machine or gym membership to get an intense workout and muscle training. If you’ve never used a resistance band or are new to the idea of resistance training, it may come as a surprise to learn how beneficial it can be. You might think the more complex the equipment the better your results, but sometimes effectiveness lies in simplicity. Exercise bands come in several forms and can be used alone, combined together or incorporated into your current workout routine.