Why You Should Start Using A Lacrosse Exercise Ball In Your Workouts

Using a lacrosse ball before and after a workout will help your muscles recover faster, increase mobility and enable proper movement and alleviate pain in your trigger points.

Yes, it’s a tiny magical ball you want in your life. 

If you’re anything like us, muscle soreness steals your workout motivation like a hungry monster. All you’re left with is feet weighing a million pounds, begging you not to leave your couch again.

Enter the lacrosse exercise ball. A tiny but mighty ball you can use for some good self-myofascial release.

Wait - a lacrosse ball is for lacrosse! Or is it?

The lacrosse ball has just been upgraded to your personal massage therapist. A lacrosse ball can effectively be used in providing relief to your taxed, tight muscles anytime, anywhere.
You can use it to provide relief for sore feet while sitting at your office desk, to loosen those tight hips, or gently massage your shoulders and back while you sit perfectly professionally on your chair.

Why use a lacrosse ball for massaging?

  • It’s tiny, so you can carry it around with you and deep massage those impossible-to-reach places in your body.
  • It’s lightweight so there’s really no excuse not to have one in your bag, in your home, and in your office.
  • It’s effective. Thanks to its small size, it lets you sooth hard to reach places no foam roller can dream of reaching.

So if you sit all day at the office, you could have some tension building up in your lower back, neck and even forearm from the infinite clickety-clack on your keyboard.
If you are a runner, your hips and glutes are begging—scratch that—screaming for a massage.
If you’re a gym-goer, you likely experience all kinds of soreness in places you didn’t even know existed. For all these people and for many of us, a lacrosse ball is the solution we’ve been waiting for. It offers instant, targeted relief, making you feel as good as new.

Why use a lacrosse exercise ball before a workout?

Tight muscles and trigger points prevent you from exercising with ease and could even result in an injury.
Sore muscles often impede full range of motion in your joints and cause pain when you want to stretch, move or exercise in an unusual direction or with more than usual exertion.

By using a lacrosse ball you get instant self-myofascial release. Locate and gently massage your trigger points and apply laser-like pressure onto them until those pesky knots are melted. The result is instant relief and better blood flow to the region. This means you can exercise with more ease and extensive range of motion while ensuring you avoid injury as the inflamed area is properly activated.Why use a lacrosse exercise ball after a workout?

First and foremost - because it is the most affordable massaging you will ever get.
Unlike professional massages that cost a fortune, you probably already own a lacrosse ball. If you don’t, it’s something that costs as little as your morning coffee.
Secondly, because your body is begging for a massage.When you exercise, blood rushes to your muscles and due to the extensive physical activity, several regions become sore, torn and fatigued.

To erase this soreness, all you have to do is pick up a lacrosse ball and press it against the affected muscle. Slide it back and forth, left and right until you find that sweet spot; the pressure point that releases all the pain.

A lacrosse ball can be used along with a foam roller for a complete self-myofascial release session or in its own just as effectively. Thanks to its size, it’s ideal for glute, shoulder, hip, bicep, tricep and calf pain.

A lacrosse ball has a robust structure and its small size lets you get right to a trigger point core. It’s one of the most effective ways to alleviate pain and iron out those muscle knots and kinks.

Use a lacrosse ball today to reestablish normal movement in your muscles and joints both in everyday life and during exercise.

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