The Best Trick For Eliminating Muscle Soreness

Sore muscles can inhibit daily activities and prevent you from enjoying seemingly simple body movements. Stretching is an essential part of any workout routine and it has a plethora of benefits for everyone.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy and appreciate a self-myofascial release technique or stretching routine. You can do foam rolling exercises or stretches during a TV commercial break, before bed to release tension and increase relaxation, or after a rigorous running spree to soothe your muscles.

Stretching: the most overlooked exercise 

Most of us neglect stretching, thinking of it as a waste of time when really it is as important as exercising. According to most personal trainers, doing a stretch-focused exercise once a week for 30 to 60 minutes, like yoga, pilates and other meditation based stretching workouts, will give you mental and physical relief.

Increase flexibility: Stretching helps you increase your range of motion which results in better exercise form and lower risk for activity-based injury. Improving your flexibility also helps to reduce lower back pain that can occur from long hours spent sitting in front of your desk at the office. 

Improve posture:
 Stretching-focused workouts like Pilates and yoga contribute to better overall posture. Stretching lengthens your tight muscles making it easier for your body to assume a more upright position. For example, doing stretches for your chest, back and shoulders can help reduce the hunched look many cubicle-bound individuals have.

Improve athletic performance: Stretching helps increase blood flow to your muscles which in turn achieves increased flexibility, and offers your body the opportunity to make full use of your muscle strength. By increasing blood flow to your muscles, stretching ensures nutrients arrive at every muscle group in your body and that any muscle tissue waste is flushed out of your body.

Release tension - physical and mental: Just like exercising, stretching helps your mind to unwind. By focusing on your stretches, your mind releases the stress that physically gathers in your tight muscles.

Prevent injury: A static, post-workout stretch helps prevent injuries in your muscles and joints and speeds up muscle soreness recovery. Even if time slips away and you can't get in a good workout today, taking a few minutes before bed to stretch will result in less stress and and more capable body. 

    Stretching workout examples to try

    If you’re bored with standard stretching exercises, try doing Yoga, Pilates or using a Foam Roller. By using a lacrosse ball you get instant self-myofascial release. Locate and gently massage your trigger points and apply laser-like pressure onto them until those pesky knots are melted. Thanks to its size, it’s ideal for glutes, shoulder, hip, bicep, tricep and calf pain. A lacrosse ball has a robust structure and its small size lets you get right to a trigger point core. It’s one of the most effective ways to alleviate pain and iron out those muscle knots and kinks.

    Why use a lacrosse ball?

    Recently adopted in yin & yamuna yoga, lacrosse balls are a top choice for sports physiotherapy and myofascial treatment. These lacrosse style rubber balls are firmer than tennis balls and therefore far more effective in releasing pressure from trigger point areas. The muscle roller ball is amazingly effective for deep tissue muscle massaging and quickly becoming the most popular treatment for back, neck and shoulder pain. This highly effective trigger point therapy method will relax muscles, eliminate knots, relieve tension and stress.

    Make a new rule: always engage in a post-workout stretch and do a weekly longer stretching routine to keep muscle soreness and limited range of motion at bay.

    The bottom line is stretching is as important as exercising.

    Stop neglecting it and start reaping its many health benefits by investing in a Massage Ball Set today.


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