5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight and What You Can Do Instead

You follow a fat-loss diet and make time to go to the gym weekly, yet the scales don’t budge. What gives?

We’ve all been there. Doing all the right things, making all the sacrifices, sticking to rigorous workouts to get a leaner, fitter body. So what could you possibly be doing wrong? Quite a lot it turns out. Below are the five most common reasons you’re not losing weight and what you can do to fix them.


If you don’t drink enough water throughout your day, you’re sabotaging all your exercising and dieting efforts. When your body is dehydrated your kidneys cannot work properly and so your liver works overtime to compensate. With your liver is being overworked, any dietary fat is stored in your body instead of being used up as energy. That’s right, your body sabotages your own fat loss efforts.

Solution: Drink more water. To ensure you don’t forget to stay hydrated use a smartphone app such as Water Your Body for Android and Waterlogged for the iPhone.

These apps will keep you on track, reminding you when and how much water to drink.

Your diet lacks protein

In your efforts to lose weight you might be consuming less protein than you should in fear of piling up on extra calories. This myth however is tripping you up. Protein is filling and it prevents you from shedding lean muscle when you’re at the gym. 

But that’s not all. Your body burns more calories to metabolize protein-based foods than it does with starch food, so by eating more protein you actually burn more calories as a whole.

Solution: Include Greek yogurt in your breakfast and make sure you eat plenty of lean meats, legumes and greens.

Reduce your carb intake and replace starch-based foods with nutritious alternatives. Protein packed foods include leafy greens and other vegetables. There’s nothing vegetables cannot substitute. For instance, eat zucchini pasta instead of regular pasta and wrap your sandwiches in lettuce leaves instead of bread.

You’re tied to your desk

A Missouri University study confirmed that sitting — even if it’s just for a few hours — inhibits the production of an important enzyme, lipase which has fat-inhibiting power. So, the more you sit bound to your office chair, the harder it is for your body to consider fat as an energy source.

The good news is that “standing and other non-exercise activities burn many calories in most adults even if they do not exercise at all,” the study confirms. Walk every chance you get and incorporate more cardio into your workouts to make up for those sitting hours.

Solution: To make sure you walk during your work hours, follow this tip: drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, so that you are forced to go to the bathroom more often. More importantly, for every 50-minutes of sitting walk for 10, even if it’s only a stroll around the office, or a brisk walk around the block.

Skipping breakfast

Are you a breakfast skipper? Don’t think that foregoing breakfast means less calories to burn at Yoga class. Research shows that those who regularly eat breakfast tend to weigh less than breakfast skippers.

Solution: If you don’t have time for more than a cup of java before you walk out the door, try preparing your week’s breakfast every Sunday or the night before. Try these delicious make-ahead breakfasts. Recipes included a scrumptious cranberry-hazelnut bread and oatmeal with apricots and raisins.

Wrong type of exercising (and your attitude toward it)

Many people eat more because they assume they will burn it off on the treadmill. Others snack more as a way of rewarding themselves. Both of these attitudes sabotage your weight loss efforts. What is more, you might be exercising wrong. If you only do cardio or strength training, a weight loss plateau is almost inevitable. Both are essential for a boosted metabolism. Cardio might be the ultimate calorie-busting king, yet it’s strength training that will ensure you burn fat and not muscle during cardio.

Solution: Switch up your workouts. Do cardio two times a weeks and another workout or two focusing on strength training. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be weight training. Try bodyweight training, resistance band exercising or consider some of these trends.

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