4 Ways This $29 Resistance Band Outperforms a $6K Stationary Machine

You don’t need an expensive home fitness machine or gym membership to get an intense workout and muscle training. 

Purchase your own Resistance Band Set

If you’ve never used a resistance band or are new to the idea of resistance training, it may come as a surprise to learn how beneficial it can be. You might think the more complex the equipment the better your results, but sometimes effectiveness lies in simplicity.

Exercise bands come in several forms and can be used alone, combined together or incorporated into your current workout routine. An exercise band has the capabilities of doing what a stand-alone total body machine but for a fraction of the cost.


The biggest advantage of using a resistance band over a machine is the ability to have full range of motion. The band set allows you to move in three dimensions: forward and backward, vertically, and horizontally, giving you the freedom to exercise in a way that your body moves naturally during daily life. Now you can exercise neglected muscle groups by creating resistance in diagonal and circular motion, as well as the traditional movements. 

Why use a Resistance Band Set instead of a stationary machine?

1. Save money — spend 80% less!

Yes, you read that correctly. By working out with a resistance band you can cut your costs, at least, by 80% and most users save even more than that - close to 99%. Unlike gyms and fitness studios that charge hundreds of dollars per year, a resistance band is a one time investment that achieves a total-body workout over and over again that will last you for years. On average, a resistance band set costs between $20 to $50 depending on the quality, bonuses and extras included. With an exercise band there is no need for multiple machines to get a quality workout — one set can do it all. An exercise band has the capabilities of doing what a $6,000 stationary machine can do but for a fraction of the cost.

2. Unlimited resistance levels

Exercise bands are versatile and used by athletes of all fitness levels. Similarly to free weights, the bands are made in all levels of weight, and can be combined to reach any desired weight, even as much as 900 pounds. These bands aren’t just for light training and stretching; they’re robust enough to complement even the most elite bodybuilders and athletes making them the perfect addition to your CrossFit or Pilates workout regimes. 

Resistance band exercising is not harsh on your body and are traditionally used in rehabilitation after physical injury or surgery. The ability to control your level of resistance increases results and allows for a truly customized workout. 

3. Proven results

Many studies have shown that anaerobic high intensity interval training (HIIT) is more effective than traditional aerobics. Dozens of efficient HIIT exercises proven to burn fat encourage using a resistance band to optimize results. It’s also easy to incorporate using a resistance band set in your current workout by switching out free weights or bulky machines with resistance training.

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4. Workout anywhere

Unlike bulky machines, resistance bands are lightweight, compact and easy to take with you on-the-go. They can fit inside a briefcase which makes them the perfect companion for traveling. You can get an intense workout right in your hotel room. You can even perform your workout in your living room; just stow the bands away in a closet or drawer when you’re finished.

You don’t need an expensive home fitness machine or gym membership to get an intense workout and muscle training. Resistance bands are so popular because they allow you the freedom to get into shape and exercise how you want to.

There are hundreds of exercises you can do with a resistance band to sculpt your body and strengthen your muscles. The amazing thing about resistance bands is that you can do familiar exercises with them so there’s zero learning curve. Just select the right resistance band for your fitness goals and you’re all set. Even if you’re a beginner, you are likely well aware of these classic exercises: squats, rowing, push ups and bench presses.

With all of these benefit, there's really no reason to not be working out with an exercise band. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try a resistance band set today. 

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