No Nonsense Jump Rope Workouts For Total Body Sculpting

Start working to get the body you want today.

Summer is just a blink of an eye away. If you want to reach your beach body goals by the time summer is here, don’t procrastinate! We have some ideas to help you get started. We’ve gathered three no-nonsense jump rope workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced jump rope users.

Put on your best sneakers and get your speed rope ready. Let’s hop our way to a killer body!

Beginners – 15 Minute Workout

With a 15-minute workout, three times a week you can have a significant improvement in how sculpted your body looks. Ready? Let’s go.

All techniques have a 45-second duration with a 15-second rest. Repeat the set three times. For better and faster results, do this workout every other day. If your schedule is limited, try to do this exercise at least three times per week. 

  1. Basic Jump – Jump with both feet leaving the ground simultaneously.
  2. Alternate Foot Jump – This is like running with a jump rope. Alternate leg jump with each jump rope revolution.
  3. High Knees Jump – Practice this technique without your skipping rope if you’ve never done it before. Don’t worry, it’s easy! The principle is the same as the alternate foot jump, you just need to lift your knees as close to the chest as possible.
  4. Run Skips – This is fun and exhilarating. Make sure you have ample space for this technique. Again, it’s the same as alternate foot jump only this time you actually run around the room!
  5. Front to Back – Do the basic bounce jump but land slightly backward for the first landing and forward in the second.

    Intermediate – 20 Minute Workout

    Only 20 minutes of your time daily for a killer body? Yes please.

    This is a medium intensity, calorie-blasting jump rope workout. If you prefer a more intense one, use a speed rope to go all out. Repeat the following set four times. Do each exercise for 45 seconds and walk in place during the 15 second interval.

    1. Bounce Jump
    2. Alternate Foot Jump
    3. Bell Jump - For this technique jump from side to side. First land slightly to your left and for the next jump, slightly to your right.
    4. Front To Back
    5. High Knees Jump

      Advanced – 20 Minute Workout

      Grab your speed rope and in less than an hour per week you can achieve all over toning.

      Do the workout at 80-90% intensity and speed. Do each exercise for 45 seconds followed by a 15-second rest interval. The rest time can be a complete rest or a medium speed stationary jogging without your skipping rope. Repeat the set twice for best results.

      1. Bounce Jump
      2. Knee High Jump
      3. Front to Back Jump
      4. Bell Jump
      5. Bounce Jump
      6. Backward Jumping – think basic bounce jump only the jump revolution starts inversely, back to front
      7. Scissors Jump – cross your legs front to back with each jump to perform the basic scissors jump
      8. Bounce Jump
      9. One-Foot Bell Jump – do the side to side bell jump with one foot at a time. Each side should take about 20 seconds
      10. Bounce Jump

        Remember, jump rope workouts are safe and customizable. You can tailor the duration and intensity of your workout to ensure you’re making progress and keeping yourself injury-free.

        Most of all, enjoy it!

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