Jump Rope Workouts: 5 Facts You Didn't Know

Skipping rope provides cardiovascular exercise that works in sync with muscle training.

Jump ropes don't get the credit they deserve. Skipping rope is one of the best workouts because it provides cardiovascular exercise that works in sync with muscle and strength conditioning. There's a reason why professional athletes and trainers swear by jump rope training: it works.

Few pieces of equipment can provide the numerous benefits a jump rope can. What else can whip you into shape while complementing your muscle conditioning, is sold for less than $20, and can fit inside your briefcase?

Skipping rope is the perfect tool to complement your pre-existing workout regime. If you're focused on muscle building, a quick short-burst jump rope workout will decrease body fat percentage while preserving muscle and improving overall stamina. Jumping rope will not strip you of your hard earned muscle tone and power — in fact it does just the opposite, and provide a badass, low-impact workout. Plus, your nicely toned calves will thank you.

A jump rope is also ideal for intense fat loss when exercised with for longer periods of time. On average, a person can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour by skipping rope — that's 4x more effective than walking! (Which only averages around 250 calories per hour.)

1. Skipping rope is an ideal warm-up

Studies have proven that the most effective workouts begin with a brief warm-up. A swift 5 to 10-minute jump rope warm-up will increase your heart rate, warm up your body, and conditions the body for a more rigorous exercise.

Jumping rope can be an even better workout if you perform high-intensity skipping. In addition to burning serious calories during your workout, your body will continue to burn calories throughout the remainder of the day. Try beginning your workout with a 10-minute high-intensity workout and benefit from all day calorie burn. 

2. Effective for cardiovascular fitness 

As one of the most intense aerobic exercises you can do, skipping exercising also helps with weight loss. A high-intensity, regular skip rope training will help you burn calories and lose weight, while helping to strengthen your entire body too. A speed rope workout will pump up your heart rate in the same way without the burden of being on a treadmill. 

It’s no coincidence that the American Heart Association recommends jump rope exercising for adults and children as an effective cardiovascular activity. Jumping rope on a regular basis has been proven to effectively keep your heart healthy and strong. 

3. Time saving workout

If you're looking to shred fat, a swift 15-minute jump rope workout can be intense and effective. Performing this routine a few times per week is all that's necessary to see results.

For those of us looking to drop pounds and optimize weight loss, a high intensity jump rope workout will maximize calorie burn and the results can be very impressive. 

4. Jump ropes provide minimal risk exercise

Jumping rope is low-impact and self-limiting exercise, which makes it extremely safe on the exercising spectrum. Because you're in total control of the rope and your body during a workout, the chance of injury is reduced big time. If you misjudge your footing or stub your toe, the jumping ends. This makes incurring injury while skipping rope is just about impossible. 

The low-impact of jumping rope does not create a hyper-catabolic environment so you can burn fat without sacrificing muscle or mass. 

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5. Variety in workout boosts endorphins 

Likely because we were skipping rope as children, we have associated jump ropes with fun, play and laughter. When you jump rope, your body also releases endorphins to help you feel relaxed and at ease.  

Training ropes are just like regular skipping ropes only their assembly is more robust to withstand the intensity of your workout. There are over 100 jump rope exercises to learn which means you won’t be running out of new techniques to try once you master the basics. From double unders to bell jumps and straddle jumps, there are plenty of techniques to effectively spice up your workouts. 

Whether you’re an athlete or a person looking to get fitter and stronger, you can begin working out with a jump rope and reap all of its health benefits immediately. No expensive equipment necessary, no learning curve; you just jump right into it! 

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